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Story of Arza Gilad

Anything you want to tell us about your work.

I started designing handbags 15 years ago. I started on my own ,in my studio ,in Brooklyn back than, I used felt and cotton and other fabrics but not leather. I had a small sewing machine. I cut and stitched all in my apt. And went to a market. Which was called young designer market to sell my stuff every Saturday , the place was in manhattan it was part of a church. And there were 50 young people with the same vision ,So it worked very well for us ,we sold to many European tourist and local New Yorkers who looked for something fresh diffrent than mass market of . In the meantime things were going well ,so I hired a lady to help me stitch the bags Later on I met a woman in the same market who made her bags in leather and I was very intrigued by the material and she taught me a lot and open my world to leather. Later after I found a little place in Brooklyn who had sewing machines and few workers and he started to cut and sew my bags Until today.

What are the aspects of your work that you absolutely can't compromise, and why? Leather, shape?

Yes good leather is very important the lining inside is part of the design Shape must be Ingres Inc and also the functionality ,My way of thinking is usually from a problem, an issue trying to solve it therefore all my bags are shaped in order to make your life easier to answer a question a demand .

For example the clutch bag I always loved clutches the way they look they way woman looks when they carry them but. It's in general not comfortable to carry doesn't make sense so I said let me punch a hole make a cut out in the bag itself so the shape of the bag will stay. But it will be easier to carry it like this and this is how the hands free clutches were made , I always say less is more It's hard to design minimal ,to put less but it is timeless and expose me to a larger audience. I sell the same bag to a 20 years old and to an 80 years old and I feel that I help both.

What are the things you mederu?

My medreru Is my creation. My bags are all one of a kind original and can not be copied I graduate my collage doing textile design surface design and I pay a lot of attention to the inside of the bag as much as the outside. I go around and collect different fabrics lining. Mostly printed cotton and each bag inside is a surprise. When my customer use his her bag on a daily basis they get a nice surprise when they open their bag and find a colorful lining. Also my leathers vary from bag to bag. When I receive my leathers from Italy and open the skin When we cut one skin we get different texture of the leather because it is diffrent parts of the animal. Some area are smother some have more texture more grain. It is very interesting to see the the skins are never perfect. Imagine the cows in the fields standing around fences and itch their back side. After that when you take the same skin and dye it you see the scars. It's part of the natural material of the leather. No bag that I cut in the same size and color is exact as the other!I think my clean but unique esthetics will work well with the Japanese taste that also go centry back to minimalism mindfully and handwork.