Joya studio

Hand-blended fragrance and candles by New York based designer, Frederick Bouchardy

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Story of Frederick Bouchardy

Anything you want to tell us about your work.

All of our product is made by many hands in our Clinton Hill Brooklyn]studio.

Whether for skin or home or professional environments[distributed invisibly through the air], we approach scent creation as a design disciple with multiple applications. For our own collections and collaborative clients, our intention is to provide experiences that are new.

Tell us little about your journey. What drew you to what you are doing now. Key influences?

A design project became an obsession and career. Currents influences: Details, 19th and 20th Century American poetry, freedom of expression, music from the 1960s and 1980s, the Near and Far.

Japanese people are not so familiar with non ceremonial ways of using candles, so could you give us some basic suggestions and settings?

Our work can be seen as intimate pieces of art. Porcelain containers (for perfume, candle, diffuser, soap) are vertically handmade at our studio and can be collected, repurposed, given new life.
I think we view the ritual of using candles for non-ceremonial purposes as Japanese, in a sense. It is a matter of adding ambiance, natural light and your own version of a scent identity to your space.

What are the aspects of your work that you absolutely can't compromise, and why?

The quality of raw materials we use and the process in which our products are made, as these are what truly set up apart.

What are you interested in most right now?

Universal truths and patterns that connect.

Please tell us about the place / town where you are working. Any shops or places you like?

We are located 1 block from the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Our space is originally a rigging truck garage but has now been retrofitted to our specs--in order to house our operations and to host our first flagship shop. The storefront was designed by architects Taylor and Miller with visibility to the manufacturing and creation process behind it. The space has won a number of international awards.
Among neighborhood favorites are Parlor Coffee and the Kings County Distillery Gatehouse